If you have issues with food and don’t know what to do because you have already tried everything and failed then you are in the right place. I offer compassionate coaching for men and women who struggle with food.

My coaching style grew out of my personal experience with an eating disorder and the gift of genuine recovery. After years of suffering and despair, I know now that lasting recovery is possible. As your coach, we will work together so you can experience lasting freedom too. Hope can be restored. Life can be good again.

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I had the good fortune to have Leslee as my personal life coach for several months. Leslee has this way of making a person feel completely safe in her presence and that skill enabled me to open up for the very first time about things when I had no one else to talk to.  With her help, I was able to examine those issues for the first time in a judgment free space and make decisions on how I wanted to change them.