about I am a Recovery Life Coach who guides busy, motivated and successful women and men who are struggling with major life transitions and issues around food. My clients are ready for a second chance at creating an authentic life.

In my practice I work with men and women who have confronted or are in recovery from emotional or compulsive eating. Many of us learned to self-soothe with food when younger, I know I did. As adults, this habit may become self-sabotaging and an impediment to authenticity. I support clients as they step into recovery or as they strengthen and deepen recovery.

My clients are inherently resourceful, resilient and insightful. Many have reached a point in life where the internal chaos and confusion is so great that they cannot hear themselves and feel as if they have literally lost their way. I walk with and support my clients as they simplify the chaos, activate their inherent personal courage, begin to believe in possibility and to live life from a place of curiosity, compassion and creativity.

My story:

For most of my life I have been an overachiever and based on society’s standards I looked like I had it all. I earned a PhD in Physiology, had several successful careers and became a committed community volunteer and advocate. I struggled to pretend everything in my life was “perfect”, but on the inside I knew something was terribly wrong.

I hit a wall and my whole life changed:

Over a span of several years my husband and father died. I was knocked to my knees, overwhelmed by grief and forced to confront long-standing clinical depression. I realized that I also had to come to terms with an eating disorder that I had been hiding from others for many years. My old ways of numbing out and coping just didn’t work anymore. Out of my desperation I mustered the courage to ask for help and entered a progressive treatment program for depression and eating disorders.

The miracle of recovery:

Through many years of psychotherapy, coaching programs, and eating disorder treatment I began to trust myself for the first time in my life. I started to dream again and to believe in possibility. I recognized that I had been helping others informally out of the wisdom of my wounds, deep intuition and experience, so I decided to become a professional life coach. I walk with and support others like me, listen as they tell their stories, begin to trust their hearts and grow to believe in possibility. I believe this is my true life calling and it gives me much joy to help men and women as they make changes in their own lives.

Listening Session:

If you feel ready to simplify the chaos and gain clarity on your next steps in life, please schedule a Free Listening Session so that we can determine if a season of working together would be of help as you move toward your goal of living with authenticity.

Leslee’s Credentials:

  • Graduate, Crossroads Recovery Coach Training
  • International Coaching Federation Certification (Pending 2014)
  • Recovery Coaches International Certification (Pending 2014)
  • Level 1 Internal Family Systems Therapy, Center for Self-Leadership
  • Level 2 Internal Family Systems Therapy, Center for Self-Leadership
  • Trauma and Neuroscience, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Center for Self Leadership
  • Certificate, Clinical Training in Behavioral Medicine, Mind Body Medical Institute, Harvard Medical School
  • Research Fellow, Cellular Neurotoxicology, Northwestern University College of Medicine
  • Senior Research Fellow, Neuroscience, Purdue University
  • Editor, Pharmacology, Chemical Abstracts Service
  • Senior Research Specialist, Department of Educational Studies, Ohio State University
  • PhD , Animal Physiology, Mississippi State University
  • Certificate, Education for Ministry, School of Theology, University of the South, Sewanee
  • Level 1 Judge, National Garden Clubs, Accredited Flower Show Judge