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When I started coaching with Leslee I was looking for some help understanding, processing, and overcoming some of the challenges I was facing both as a new manager and someone in recovery from depression, childhood trauma, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Leslee made me feel very comfortable right away and definitely understood very quickly where I was coming from and what I needed. It is a struggle for me to open-up to people, so this alone was a big deal for me.

Leslee helped me to see my reality for what it was, not how I was falsely perceiving it through the lens of past traumas, depression, anxiety, and my eating disorder.
As an introvert, I appreciated how every conversation ended with a summary of the key things we discussed and what things I could spend time thinking and processing over the next week.

I am most grateful for how Leslee helped me to truly see myself and my self-confidence greatly increased in a short time as a direct impact of her coaching.
Sometimes we all just need a new perspective, and it is especially amazing to find someone who has the professional knowledge, skills, and experience to help us find that new perspective and best of all, teach us to learn how to find that new perspective on our own.