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Typical benefits of a Free Listening Session are:

  • Increased insight into the issue discussed
  • A shift from confusion to clarity

Together we will zero in on your most pressing issue and get to the heart of the matter. By the end of the session, you will know how to move forward with ease and calm.

This is not a free coaching session. Rather it’s an opportunity for us to connect and decide together if a season of work with each other in one of my coaching programs would be beneficial.

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I was struggling with an eating disorder, was immersed in despair and hopelessness, and was in need of a compassionate witness to my suffering. I found this and so much more while working with Leslee…

I found truth, compassion, unconditional acceptance of whatever was present for me, and ultimately I found healing and lasting recovery.

I learned that the lens through which I see myself is one of self-hate and shame. Leslee helped me reframe the way I see myself.

Leslee offers a unique perspective to the path towards emotional health and well being.

Her life coaching practice is not based solely in theory; although this is an aspect, but in practical life circumstances that she has overcome and worked through.

I would recommend Leslee to anyone struggling with issues around food. Her is compassionate, kind, and gentle spirit is healing to experience. Through her accurate reflections of who you are, you will begin to see yourself through a new lens, one that is vastly different then how you perceive yourself. Leslee’s brilliance about the internal journey and path towards wholeness is a gift to all that encounter her loving kindness.