aboutLeslee is a dynamic speaker whether the topic is the psychosocial process of disordered eating or her own compelling story of ongoing recovery from deep grief, an eating disorder and Clinical Depression. She weaves her personal experience into all her presentations. Her presentations range from the scientific to the inspirational.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Disordered Eating and Clinical Eating Disorders


Clinical Depression

Spiritual Aspects of Recovery

Application of Recovery Coaching to Eating Disorder Recovery

The Wisdom of Wounds

Internal Family Systems Therapy and Eating Disorder Recovery

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  • Leslee Dodd PhD is a former academic research scientist in Cellular Neuropharmacology-Neurotoxicology, an Adult Literacy grants administrator, community activist and volunteer who struggled with an eating disorder and Clinical Depression for more than 30 years. She has built a successful Recovery Life Coaching practice for men and women who experience self-diagnosed disordered eating or clinically diagnosed eating disorders. The wisdom of her own wounds and her personal experience are integrated into her coaching style. She incorporates the transforming power of Internal Family Systems Therapy as an IFS Practitioner into her Recovery Life Coaching practice.
  • Sometimes our greatest gifts come from our deepest wounds. Leslee shares the compelling story of a personal journey back to her true Self and to her life’s work as a Recovery Life Coach. Her ongoing recovery from Clinical Depression and an eating disorder is shared with humor and pathos. The wisdom gained from her personal wounds has equipped her in a unique way to support her clients as a Recovery Life Coach and empathetic and compassionate companion. The presenters’ academic training as a research scientist in Physiology and her published research in Cellular Neuropharmacology- Neurotoxicology informs her perspective.  Leslee’s insight, humor and courage to be vulnerable highlight her unique perspective and presentation style.

My story:

For most of my professional life, I have been an overachiever and based on society’s standards, I looked like I had it all. I earned a PhD, had several successful careers, and became a committed community advocate.  I struggled to pretend everything in my life was “perfect”, but on the inside I knew something was terribly wrong.

Over a span of several years my husband and father both died. I was knocked to my knees and was overwhelmed by grief. I realized that I also had to come to terms with an eating disorder that I had been hiding from others for many years. My old ways of numbing out and coping just didn’t work anymore. Out of my desperation I mustered the courage to ask for help and entered a progressive treatment program for depression and eating disorders.

After many years of psychotherapy and coaching, I began to trust myself for the first time in my life.  I started to dream again and believe in possibility. I recognized that I had been helping others informally out of the wisdom of my wounds, deep intuition and experience so I decided to become a professional Recovery Life Coach specializing in Eating Disorder Recovery.  I walk with others like me, listen as they tell their stories, begin to trust their hearts and grow to believe in possibility. I believe this is my true life calling and it gives me much joy to help men and women as they make changes in their own lives.